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Come with Paradise Tours Philippines to enjoy a day of nature and excitement on Siargao. We offer speed boat tours for snorkeling with professional equipment and experienced guide of more than 10 years in America and Asia, as well as surf trips to crowd-less spots with the speed boat, which include surfboards, photography with our Nikon DSLR or GoPro in the water. We also invite you to join our adventure hike in the rain forest to a hidden waterfall that isn’t exposed to tourism or locals yet.

If you consider island hopping and do not want to join of the the overcrowded and noisy pump boats and want to choose which island you want to see and stay on the longest, we are welcoming you to join our private speed boat to explore and relax. 

For the fearless and curious animal lovers, we offer a unique shark sightseeing tour snorkeling from our boat over a reef with plenty sharks cruising around. 

Paradise Tours in Puerto Rico is operating for more than 7 years and we are fortunate to have been judged with more than 1100 5-star reviews across the platforms we operate on, giving us an impressive clean 5 star rating. We are excited to invite you to join us in the Philippines as well!

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Speed Boat snorkel tour

Do you want to experience Siargao’s marine life, the stunning turquoise water and a fun boat ride? Join us on our private speed boat and experience a 3 hour professional snorkel tour for non-swimmers as well. We will visit massive corals and will see countless colorful fish, such as clownfishes (Nemo) living in their anemone, tangs, puffer fish and often unexpected and exciting surprises.


Speed Boat Surf Trip

When coming to Siargao, you have two options for surfing. You can go to less than a hand-full spots you can paddle out and surf with a crowd, or you can take a noisy pump boat to the other well known spots to surf with more crowds. We lied. There is a 3rd option. You can book our speed boat and surf spots nobody or only few people surf at. Photography, surfboard, wax & snacks included!

Waterfall adventure tour

Follow us into the forest and get close to nature, hiking through streams and on beautiful small trails to a small, hidden waterfall on a fun adventure nature walk. For everyone who isn’t afraid to get wet and a bit dirty, just to refresh in the warm and clean fresh water at the waterfall at the end of the hike. Perfect for those who want peace, nature sounds and be far from other crowds.


Private Island Hopping

Do you want to see some of the smaller islands around Siargao but rather do it in a private group than being processed on one of the noisy pump boats with 30 other people? We offer tours to all 3 islands and even an optional relaxing hike along the coast on Daku Island, for some great photography spots. Snorkel gear is included as well!


Shark Sightseeing

A once in a lifetime experience for everyone. Let us take you to a reef that’s a great spot to observe sharks cruising around in their natural habitat while snorkeling from our boat (actual image from the tour). The sharks are keeping a good distance from the group but are close enough to get a good view and a feeling of excitement. For safety reasons this tour can only take place when the surf is small.


Motorcycle Tours

Let’s explore the island together on 2 wheels! Put a helmet on, choose your ride and let’s head North to explore and surf if you are up to it. We offer semi automatic XRM bikes with board rack that are very easy to operate or a full on Scrambler to turn heads and ride like a boss. Half and full day trip – motorcycle and guide included! Also available for solo travelers who don’t know how to ride!

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