Snorkeling is a must-do experience in Siargao for everyone who is not afraid of water and even for beginners and non-swimmer (with life vests). When visiting Siargao you usually only get to go on your own at the shore and don’t get to see much at all. That’s why we offer a private, relaxing tour in the stunning water between Siargao and Daku Island and some other spots we cover in the summer as well.

We start our snorkel tour with getting the equipment ready for everyone at the meeting point and make sure we bring the right sized flippers and masks. After a quick safety briefing at the beach, we will head out to one of the smaller islands to snorkel in the calm, stunning turquoise and shallow waters, so you can get used to your mask and some basic skills and start to watch some fish.

When you are ready, we will then head out to deeper waters to a beautiful reef that features massive corals and even some remains of the damage of the super typhoon that hit Siargao not too long ago. In that large reef, we will have the chance to observe countless colorful fish, such as clownfishes (Nemo) living in their anemone, tangs, puffer fish and often unexpected and exciting surprises. 

Worried about sharks? No need! We have never seen one in that bay and even if we would encounter one, it’s mostly smaller, completely harmless reef sharks. If you are interested to see sharks, try our shark sightseeing tour!

Every visit at the reef is completely different and there is always something interesting to see if you know where to look.

As on all our tours, we will make sure to take pictures of you, even underwater, so you have memories to take home.


  • A guided tour of 2-3 hours including up to 3 snorkel spots.
  • Professional equipment, life vests and various types of snorkel masks.
  • Photography over and under water
  • Fun speed boat trip and the safety of more than 10 years experience of your guide.
  • Water and snacks
  • ₱50 voucher per person for breakfast or lunch in our café before or after the tour. 


  • 2 people minimum – 4 people maximum
  • Must be comfortable in the water. For non-swimmers we are using life vests and we will use the time at the first snorkel spot to get you relaxed so you can enjoy the underwater world too. 

    What to bring

  • Sunblock and a hat. Both available at our shop and meeting place for sale.
  • One towel for the group and maybe a small snack.


₱2500 per person for 2 people
₱2000 per person for 3-4 people


Meeting point

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